Download PySNMPΒΆ

The PySNMP software is provided under terms and conditions of BSD-style license, and can be freely downloaded from Source Forge download servers or PyPI.

Please, note that there are frequently release candidate versions (marked rc) also available for download. These are potentially less stable in terms of implementation and public interfaces. However they are first to contain fixes to the issues, discovered in latest stable branch.

But the simplest way to obtain PySNMP is to run:

$ easy_install pysnmp


$ pip install pysnmp

Those Python package managers will download PySNMP along with all its dependencies and install them all on your system.

In case you do not have the easy_install command on your system but still would like to use the on-line package installation method, please install setuptools package by downloading and running ez_setup.pz bootstrap:

# wget
# python

In case you are installing PySNMP on an off-line system, the following packages need to be downloaded and installed for PySNMP to become operational:

  • PyASN1, used for handling ASN.1 objects
  • PySNMP, SNMP engine implementation

Optional, but recommended:

  • PyCrypto, used by SNMPv3 crypto features (Windows users need precompiled version)
  • PySMI for automatic MIB download and compilation. That helps visualizing more SNMP objects
  • Ply, parser generator required by PySMI

The installation procedure for all the above packages is as follows (on UNIX-based systems):

$ tar zxf package-X.X.X.tar.gz
$ cd package-X.X.X
# python install
# cd ..
# rm -rf package-X.X.X

In case of any issues, please let us know so we could try to help out.